Monday, 12 December 2011


Week 1 - In our first week we have been watching and analysing music videos by using Goodwin's theory of music videos, this is so we can gain ideas when it comes to planning and shooting our music video.

Week 2 - For the second week our group decided on creating a music video for a pop boy band called 'Boyz 4 Now' and using the song 'It's Gonna Be Me' by 'Nsync'. We looked into what might make our band different from bans from the past such as 'Take That' and 'Backstreet Boys'. We decided on using an idea of that each band member has a different power throughout the video, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. This is because we wanted to use an aspect of the movie Twilight because it has been a huge hit to our target audience.

Week 3 - For the third week we have started on creating a questionnaire and doing an audience profiling, this is so that we can have a better aspect and understanding of our target audience.

Week 4 - This fourth week has mainly been about the storyboarding, what ideas we have created to use in the video, how we could use different micro-features in the video, to try and use a wide variety of shots and angles in the video.

Week 5 - In the fifth week we have finished creating the storyboards and starting creating the animatic for the music video. We have also started gathering RECCE photos of the places where we are going to film.

Week 6 - The sixth week was mainly about us creating our digipack's for our band.

Week 7 - In the seventh week we had to change the idea of the video due to a group member leaving, we managed to changed the story of our video and still keep the elements of a 'Twilight' like video using our powers of water, fire and earth.

Week 8 - This week we are focusing on getting the filming done as soon as possible so we can start editing the final video piece.

Week 9 - In this week we are filming our music video and uploading most of the footage onto final cut for editing.

Week 10 - This week we are editing the footage that we filmed last week and also filming the rest of the footage that starts off the music video. Once the filming is done we should be close to finishing the editing the video.

Week 11 - We have almost filming for the music video and now have almost completely finished the editing, we just need to film us dancing but with close ups because our video consists of too many mid and long shots which we will be filming tuesday 13th december.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Monday, 21 November 2011

Shooting Schedule

Due to our group not being able to film our video in the previous week we now plan to film parts of the video on different days next week, during our media lessons and also out of school time so that we can have enough time to film and get the best setting.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Shooting Schedule

Wednesday 16th-

Filming at Mikeys house to shoot the earth and water elements scene. With the availability of the cast. We will be filming shot 17 to 41, with the exception of the dance routine. 5th lesson, 14:00

Friday 18th-(possibility)

Filming at Seven acre club to shoot the fire element scene. With the availability of the cast.
We will be filming shot 42 to 77. Straight after school, 15:00

Monday 21st (possibility)

Filming at welling school, drama hall. With the availability of the cast.
We will be trying to film the dance routine.
1st and 2nd lesson also 5th, if we are unable to use the room we will try to fit it in on the 18th/11/11

other dates will be later Mondays,Wednesday and Fridays.